Midsummer is here - the best time for care

In summer we are active, our skin and body are often exposed to the sun and high temperatures. In this hot time we show more skin, therefore a specific care is even more important.
It is good to know that without good preparation the effectiveness of care products can be limited.

Our care tricks!

Start your care with a peeling of the upper skin layer. Regular application of such peeling massages will make your skin smoother, firmer and it will achieve a much better blood circulation.
In this way, the production of new epidermal cells is accelerated, which significantly improves the appearance of your skin.
Your skin will feel healthier and more beautiful afterwards.

You should always perform the peeling thoroughly, as it allows for a better depth effect of nutrients in the next steps of care.
When choosing exfoliating products, make sure that they contain natural ingredients such as Moroccan clay, which does wonders for dry skin, or rosehip oil, which protects against free radicals.
The feeling of perfectly groomed skin should become a habit for you.

Peeling: this is how it works!

Your skin should be clean and slightly moisturized during application - rub the exfoliator gently into your skin with circular movements and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
After the peeling you are ready for the next step: You can now pamper your skin with a body lotion or body butter with natural ingredients.

In addition to their caring properties, the peelings are also provided with pleasant fragrances. Our summer hit is a combination of chocolate and mint, vanilla and rose!

Remember your feet ;)

In summer you are a big fan of sports activities like hiking, cycling or sightseeing. Whenever possible, you go to the countryside and enjoy the wonderful weather.
Pay special attention to your foot care now! Effective foot care without peeling is hardly imaginable.
These special peelings, which we warmly recommend, have a strong antibacterial and moisturizing effect and above all ensure beautiful looking and smooth feet.
As the products contain natural extracts of green tea, citrus fruits or mint, you also experience a very pleasant feeling of freshness.

See for yourself how you can enjoy the high summer with natural body care products.
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