Our tour de swiss

If you want to stay in the Italian speaking part of Ticino, we recommend Lavertezzo in the Verzasca Valley.
This place impresses with its natural beauty. Its crystal-clear, emerald-green Verzasca River and charming wooden stone huts with picturesque high mountains in the background create a breathtaking atmosphere.
The lush vegetation and many different shades of green create a wonderful landscape.

We stay in Ticino. This time on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore - in Locarno.
Here we feel like in Italy. We love this atmosphere, the people and the silence.
The central place of the city is the Piazza Grande, one of the biggest and most famous city squares in Switzerland. Here youcan enjoy a cup of good coffee or shop in charming local shops selling organic tea and other interesting products.

In the canton of Bern, on the southern shore of Lake Thun, between hills and vineyards, lies one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland - Spiez.
The mild climate, the quiet surface of the lake and the beautiful view invite you to relax. Also worth seeing is the castle from the 10th century, which impresses every time anew.
We like to watch the sunsets there during walks on our favourite tours.

Lavaux is one of the most beautiful regions of western Switzerland in the canton of Vaud on Lake Geneva. This "land of vineyards", inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, comprises up to 830 hectares of terraced vineyards.
If you want to spend your time actively in Lavaux, you can take a long walk along the path that runs between the Olympic Museum in Ouchy and the medieval castle of Chillon near Montreux.
It is an amazing place that nature has shaped beautifully. Tasting some exceptional wines is a must here.

saddle Hochstuckli
When guests from abroad come to us, we often visit the Sattel Hochstuckli together, which is located in central Switzerland.
This unique location is not far from us and we think it is the perfect recreation area for everyone.
It is called a family mountain and not without reason. The place is surrounded by beautiful, gentle green hills. Everybody who is looking for peace and quiet feels comfortable here.
A short circular walk starts with a walk over the Raiffeisen Skywalk and leads you to a small mountain café where you can eat wonderful and refreshing goat's milk ice cream. The ice cream is mega tasty!
From the saddle Hochstuckli you can admire the famous peaks of the Mythen and the Rigi and enjoy the beautiful view of the Lauerzer See.
You can go for a walk, admire the beautiful view of the mountains or do some sports.
Exactly here, a few years ago Elzbieta took her first snowboard course!

Tell me, do you feel like visiting all these places? Where will you go first?

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