Why the sun is so important for us

Why is vitamin D so important for our body?
It regulates the absorption process of calcium and phosphorus, promotes the formation and maintenance of healthy, strong bones and teeth. It also increases performance and promotes the formation and regeneration of muscles.
Research on the effects of vitamin D on the body is not yet complete, but scientists have already provided evidence that it plays a major role in the immune system, including cancer prevention.

What is vitamin D and how is it produced?
Vitamin D is a series of chemical compounds known as vitamin D1, D2, D3
The source of vitamin D1 is fish oil, vitamin D2 is found in plants and fungi, while vitamin D3 is formed in the skin under the influence of sunlight.
Most vitamin D, about 90%, is produced by the body itself under the influence of UVB radiation, while 10% comes from food.
Provitamin D3 is the precursor of vitamin D3 and must only be converted into it under the influence of sunlight.

What does the amount of vitamin D produced in the skin depend on?
This process depends on many factors. External factors such as geographical location, season, time of day, as well as air pollution and cloudiness are of essential importance.
The pigmentation of the skin, the surface of the body that we expose to sunlight, our sun protection or how our body is covered by clothing also has an influence.
Being in the sun has many positive effects and is usually good for the mood, but sun protection is crucial.
Scientists have found out that, depending on your skin type, you can stay in the sun for 15 minutes without getting sunburned.
The sun's rays are not equally intense everywhere. For example, if you rest by the water, you will probably tan faster because water reflects sunlight.

If you use sunscreen, you can extend the time in the sun by the value of the protection factor (SPF).
Sunscreen products contain filters against UVB radiation, which only penetrates to the epidermis, and against UVA radiation, which reaches deeper skin layers and can damage genetic material in the cells.
More and more preparations also protect us from HEV light (the so-called screen light), i.e. light emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops.

So how can we support the formation of vitamin D, which is so important for our body, in a natural way?
Let's go out into the sun as much as possible and use sunscreen.

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