Our path to ecological life.

Most of us shop every day. The choice of products is huge. You are often spoilt for choice as to what you eat and what you wear.
The design, the brand, the packaging and of course the price attract us.
It is good to see that more and more people are paying attention to the composition and origin of the products.

Living in harmony with nature and taking care of it does not have to be costly. Ecological life is very close to our hearts. Are you?
There are many ways to make your home and life more environmentally friendly. First of all it is enough to separate the garbage.
Once a month we go to the Ökihof (recycling centre) - here we dispose of all cardboard boxes, paper, glass bottles, used batteries and aluminium. All waste is then recycled. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

You can go one step further and compost organic waste or even make your own cleaning products.
When shopping, we do not use plastic bags and do not buy anything in plastic packaging.
We have our own reusable fabric bags. Soon they will be available in our shop and you can use them.

We love our slow life. Elzbieta often cycles to work, we bake sourdough bread and use bamboo straws for drinks. We buy eggs, vegetables and fruit from local farmers who run organic farm shops.
We are always looking for healthy products without pesticides, artificial fertilizers and preservatives.
Always with the conviction that our body will thank us for it in the future.

While shopping in the country we take a trip into the open air. We also use reusable food containers and beeswax tissues, which we have already introduced to you here. We try not to waste food - leftovers are very good for delicious casseroles, soups and pastes. We always load our dishwasher full and turn it on in eco mode. Coffee to go we drink from the thermos cup.
Living ecologically does not require great sacrifices. It is enough to change some habits and build new ones.

And what is your path to ecological life?

PS: Remember that the packaging of our products can be returned to us. We will forward them to the manufacturer. In this way they are reused. If you dream of an atmospheric and ecological home, try our soy scented candles.

Fall in love with nature!

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