Bienenwachs - ein Wunder der Natur

Did you know that yesterday we celebrated World Bee Day?

This is a good opportunity to tell you more about beeswax and its properties. Have you ever heard of beeswax wraps?

We use Planet Bee and Malu wraps daily. We recommend you to do the same!

Beeswax wraps are 100% natural, ecological and reusable! We use them to wrap bread, sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, cheese and snacks. You can also cover food containers and use them as organic "food foil". The warmth of your hands makes the wraps snuggle up and stick firmly.

What are beeswax cloths and what are they made of?

Wax wraps are pieces of cotton coated with beeswax. The ones we recommend contain not only purified beeswax, but also tree resin and/or jojoba oil.
The wax has an antibacterial and antimycotic effect. Resin has disinfectant properties, so your food is safe.
Thanks to jojoba oil the wraps are more durable and they can be used for several months.

How do you care for the beeswax wraps?

- Beeswax wraps do not like hot water.
- Use warm water, if necessary with a little ecological detergent
- Do not use it for raw meat or fish - how to care for beeswax wraps?

Were we able to convince you? Live more environmentally friendly!

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