Safe shaving = Healthy skin

Summer is coming and with it the time for more frequent hair removal. This can irritate and dry the skin - women know this very well, but men have to struggle with this problem all year round! Here are some tips on how to prevent this!

Frequent shaving can be noticeable, but our shaving tips make it really easy:

- Remember, the sharper the razor blades, the better. Otherwise, the blades will hurt and irritate your skin and cause infections.
- Besides the sharpness, the blade must also be clean. Bacteria on the razor are your main enemy!
- Think also about the direction of shaving - never against the hair!
- After shaving, rinse your face with cold water, which will keep the pores closed and minimize the problem of ingrown hairs.
- For even better care, try our after-shave care products - including the cooling face care lotion, which regenerates and cares for your skin!

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