How to use less plastic?

In 30 years, more plastic bottles will be swimming in the sea than fish - according to projections. We use far too much plastic! How can we limit it?

We have good news for you - reducing the use of plastic is really not that difficult! You can do it in just a few small steps.

1. Do not buy water in plastic bottles. Pour water into a bottle and drink tap water.
2. When shopping, pack the products in your own bags that you have brought with you - cloth bags for bread and your own reusable shopping bags. Shop more often at the weekly market - not only at the supermarket.
3. Keep food leftovers in glasses or bowls, which can be covered with our beeswax-wraps.
4. Buy soap bars - ours are simply wonderful!
5. Use products in recyclable packaging or give them a "second life" yourself - let your creativity run free!

Set new trends - also in your neighbourhood!

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